59 y.o. Female: High Blood Pressure; High A1C; Poor Vision


Presentation – 59 y.o. female; wanted help with her high blood pressure and hemoglobin A1C that was persistently high. Also mentioned poor vision.

Lab Results


Initial Nutrition Response Testing Exam

Kidney was the primary organ.

Her initial program included Renatrophin and Cataplex AC.



Questions for Comprehension and Practice:

  1. What should your first response be when you see an alert value on the blood result?
  2. What could the meaning of this patient’s elevated Hemoglobin A1C be, in the context of her entire blood panel?
  3. Which tests indicate to you there is some degree of inflammation present? What causative or contributing factors would you suggest?
  4. Which nutritional stresses do you see that could be contributing to this patient’s high blood pressure?