37 y.o. Male: Hashimoto’s Diagnosis, Borderline Hypothyroid, Weight gain, Clamminess Episodes, Left Should Pain from Old Injuries


Presentation – 37 y.o. male; started care because his wife became a patient first. His primary concerns were weight gain and joint pian. Borderline hypothyroid, denied prescription medications but had recently started taking magnesium.

We have pre (6/2023) and post (11/2023) labs for him:

Initial Nutrition Response Testing Exam

There was BLOCKED regulation from Gallbladder stress. Betafood and Choline corrected the block. Because Serum B12 levels were so low, I tested Cataplex B12 and he tested for 6.


6 Month Follow-up Response to Care

Compliance: He is taking his supplements and following diet very well

Symptoms: Weight loss of 17 lbs. Symptom Survey improved from 41 to 23. Major complaints have largely resolved.


Questions for Comprehension and Practice:

  1. What is your assessment for the first Key Area, Food Sensitivities? What would your initial nutritional strategy be for this patient in light of his food sensitivity findings?
  2. What is this patient’s calculated HOMA-IR? What does that suggest about his blood sugar handling?
  3. What improved at the 6 month follow-up? And what still needs work? How would you suggest he continue to make progress nutritionally?