27 Year Old Female: Dizziness; Dull Headache; Blurred Vision; Tightness in Chest; Cold Feet


Presentation – 27 y.o. female; complaining primarily of dizzy spells accompanied by fatigue and blurry vision. She has two young children but is not nursing. She denied any prescription medications but was taking several nutritional supplements including fish oil and calcium.


Lab Results:

Initial Nutrition Response Testing Exam

There was BLOCKED regulation from an immune stressor (potentially viral?).

Her initial program included Cyruta Plus, Antronex, Calcium Lactate and Betafood. She also was advised to avoid wheat, gluten, dairy and eggs. Later she added back in the dairy and eggs (she lives on a farm) but has remained gluten free and relies on almond flour in her baking.


6 Month Follow-up Response to Care

Compliance: She is taking her supplements and following diet very well.

TSH was 7.220 on retesting.

Symptoms: All symptoms have lessened or are completely gone. She has not had any dizzy spells recently. She does still suffer from a moderate to severe migraine every 4-6 weeks or so, that takes her a day to recover.


    Questions for Comprehension and Practice:

    1. Initially, this patient’s TSH was over 13. What do you believe to be the biggest culprit in her thyroid issue, as revealed by her initial blood testing?
    2. What would your impression be of this patient’s iron levels? How clinically relevant?
    3. If not doing muscle testing, what supplements would you suggest to support her immune system?